Multiple wireless controllers with multiple xboxes?
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I want to have two xBox 360s in the same room with people bringing their own wireless controllers. Has anyone here done this before? How do I force the controllers to grab a particular xbox?
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Best answer: Each wireless controller has a button on it that you can push to associate it with a given 360. Each 360 has a button on the console to push to associate it with a given controller. What you'll end up doing is associating all the controllers for the first 360, then associating all of the controllers for the second. It's not difficult, but everyone will have to reassociate their controllers with their own 360s afterwards.
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Response by poster: You mean the little button on the top of the controller near the power port or the big Xbox button?
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Best answer: yup, you just push the sync button on the desired controller and the desired xbox at the same time and they get paired up. It's a snap. I've had as many as 16 wireless controllers and 4 xboxes in close proximity for a tournament, and it works fine.
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the little one on the top of the controller and the little one next to the memory card slot on the console. They have a little rss-like icon.
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Best answer: I work with the things and what sun-el said is absolutely spot on.

A few notes from the support site:

* When you turn off your console, your controller will still be connected the next time you turn it on.
* Your controller is connected to only one console at a time. You can connect to a new console at any time, but your connection to the previously connected console will be lost.
* The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller works only within 30 feet (nine meters) of the console. Objects between the controller and the console can reduce this range.

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We do this all the time for LAN parties. The controllers will associate with the open ports until they are successively filled in.

On preview, yep.
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