Looking for a Neanderthal Comic
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Several years ago, I had a photocopy of a cartoon entitled "Why the Neanderthals Became Extinct". There were two Neanderthals, one saying "I don't know, it just seemed easier when we went hunting" and the other one replying "Yes, but Og assures us this will keep us ahead of those Cro-Magnons in the valley". The rest of the cartoon was an insanely complicated hunting plan, with boxes and arrows and stages like "Hunt Readyness Review". I've been looking for a copy of this cartoon for years now. I don't suppose anybody knows what the hell I'm talking about?
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I know what the hell you're talking about it. Here's a pdf, ready for your printing pleasure.

Psssttt...it was the second google result for "Why the Neanderthals Became Extinct".
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Response by poster: Thanks! A non-member also emailed me a link: here.

Strangely, both versions are missing one box I remember. "Kill Game" should also link to "Examine Entrails" which links back to "Weather Forecast".

I've googled for it in the past, several time. I obviously didn't find the right query.
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salmacis, do you know who drew it? And did you notice that Og evolved into Chuck in the version that I found?
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Response by poster: I've no idea where it came from. I originally found it on a message board at work. I lost it when I moved house, and by that time it had disappeared off the message board as well.

I did notice the Chuck/Og thing. I think Og is better.
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Perhaps someone works with a Chuck, and personalized it.
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C'mon, Chuck is clearly the more authentic-sounding Neanderthal name.

Those look like they could be repurposed Gary Larson cavemen.
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