What happened to the "Batman & Robin" rap music video?
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Inane Bat Signal: I didn't hallucinate an entire music video of "Batman & Robin" by Snoop Dogg and The Lady of Rage [dramatic pause followed by dramatic music] . . . or did I?

Despite Google-Fu and my otherwise-useful reference skills, I cannot resolve the mystery of the disappearing Bat Video.

¤ Snoop's Paid tha Cost to be tha Bo$$ (2002) includes the song.
¤ The Lady of Rage's first name is Robin.
¤ Eminem and Dr. Dre in the video of "Without Me" brings me great Bat Pleasure; however, I'm certain that I have not confused the two songs.
¤ Has the video disappeared due to licensing conflicts?
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Several lyrics pages mention the video's existence - this page even redirects you to a Snoop video download site, where the video's been removed.
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Of course this isn't an exhaustive list, but the Wikipedia videography for Snoop doesn't list "Batman & Robin." I've been googling around for about a half hour and haven't found much, and I don't remember seeing one. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but the song wasn't even a single of Paid da Cost to be tha Bo$$, which indicates to me that there may not have been a video.
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Is there any chance you're thinking of 50 Cent's Gatman and Robin?
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Ormondsacker, it's quite common for lyrics sits to "link" to non-existent videos, guitar tabs etc, and actually send you to highly generic pages.
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Yeah, sorry. Consider the second suggestion my atonement for the first one.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the input, folks. After using the Google search engine again, I find that that this question tops my search terms. My future employers and future children will use their search engine skills to declare me incompetent.

May gawd had fashion mercy on your Bat-Souls for declaring me crazy.
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