Where can I buy pickled eggs in Houston?
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Where can I buy pickled eggs in Houston?

Are there any reputable retail establishments in Houston where I can buy a jar or two full of pickled eggs? I know how to make my own, but would rather buy them ready-to-eat.

I've been looking for the three years I've lived here (had the same problem in Austin as well). None of the major grocery stores (Kroger, HEB, Albertsons, Rice) have them, and I've not been able to find them at any of the ethnic specialty stores either.

Bonus points if I can find them somewhere near Westheimer/Gessner.

I normally buy them online from Jake & Amos but am having a horrible craving and I don't want to wait a week for UPS to show up.
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If there's a Sam's Club nearby, they usually have them in the same aisle with the convenience store and vending items. Here's a link to the website - pickled eggs.
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seconding any large wholesale club type store...
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Have you tried spec's? I swear every third time I hear one of their ads on the radio they claim something like "if we don't stock it just tell us and we will."
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A friend buys them at one of the Asian markets downtown. Hong Kong Market on Gessner... maybe they have them? That's probably one of the specialty places you already tried. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Already tried Specs and Hong Kong Market on Gessner - thanks though.
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