help me get my hair did.
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Please help me find a still photo of the haircut from this Regina Spektor video (with or without the little fringe), and/or tell me how to explain to the hairdresser how I want it cut

I haven't been to a hairdresser in at least 15 years. For me, a haircut involves dividing it into two tails, pulling them forward over my shoulders, and trimming them at about solar-plexus level. Since I have major curls any unevenness is hidden, but it's pretty boring unless I put it up and I want something with a more interesting shape that's still long.
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Best answer: Like a screen capture?

Let me know once you save it so I can delete it
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Don't fear the fringe. The fringe is your friend.
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Best answer: A good stylist will understand what you want from a screen cap, but basically you want layers to get that kind of volume. Depending on your stylist you might get some resistance because conventional wisdom = long layers for curly hair, or else it's "bushy". But that's exactly what you want here!

The fringe does add to the appeal, but if you've never done bangs with curly hair it's a major pain unless you don't mind hairdryer+big round brush every day. It depends on your hair, of course.
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Tell them you want your hair cut like Elaine Boozler.
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Response by poster: Thanks special-k! I saved it! You are an internet magician.

I'm up-in-the-air about the fringe - I think it's adorable, but I remember cutting my own fringe around the age of 6 or 7 and as I remember I have a cowlick that made one side stand straight up and I don't know if any hairdryer in the world could combat it.
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Try a layered cut first (with lots and lots of layers) with the shortest layers around chin-length. You can always have a little fringe cut in later. If your hair is super-thick, have the stylist texturize (thin) the layers a bit to prevent the dreaded "mushroom-head". Biggest consideration: make sure the stylist takes into account the "bounce factor"; i.e. when your curly hair dries, it will be MUCH shorter than when it's wet/being cut. So make sure he/she cuts it longer than where you want it to sit on your shoulders. Also - take in a pic or two - they really are worth a thousand words.
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