the weather is right for silk scarves
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Where might I find silk scarves between Burlington, Ma and Manchester, NH?

I am in Burlington, Ma and will be heading to Manchester, NH this evening with the hope of picking up some silk scarves on the way. Do you know of any stores that might sell some? Extra points if it's also close to I-95 or I-93.
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Nashua, NH has a lot of shopping, especially outlets. LLBean is there, although I'm not sure how good their inventory of silk scarves is. But certainly try Nashua, since it's right along the way.
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oh, and as a bonus, NH doesn't have a sales tax.
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I've searched some local department store's websites and came up with no sign that they sell silk scarves. I've checked LL Bean, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, Linen's n things, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Sears.
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Either the Burlington Mall or Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua should offer some good store selections if you're willing to do some mall browsing.

Try some of the smaller boutique stores like Ann Taylor, Chico's or Cache. Also, even if they aren't listed on the website, major department stores like Lord & Taylor and Macy's will most likely carry at least a few, such stores often only post a selection of their inventory online and don't posting smaller accessories like scarves.

Good luck!
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