I don't feel sick though my body disagrees...
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My insides are turning everything to liquid. Doesn't matter what I eat. It's been 5 days now. However, I don't feel sick and have no other "symptoms" of illness. What gives? Due to work, I won't be able to get to a doctor 'til Friday... Should I just fast for a day or two? (Saying that, however, I am *starving* constantly, as opposed to just being hungry.)
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I would ask the doctor to whom you have an appt. with on Friday what action you should take until then. (I assume you have the appointment already). Just pick up the phone, describe the above and leave a message on the doctor on how to handle it until then. Make sure they call you back.

Hope you feel well soon.
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Might have some bad bacteria. Your intestines have probably shed their lining. Have you tried yogurt? Natural cultures? Look for some organic yogurt, ignore the "bifidus regularus" stuff.

My doc usually says, when this happens to me, NOT to fast -- drink as much clear liquid stuff as you want. Clear liquids means things you can see through... no "Gatorade INTENSE" that you cannot see through. First day, Broth, juice, gatorade that's clear... no crackers or anything. Next day add rice into the broth, and keep drinking gallons of CLEAR liquids. Fourth day add chicken and rice soup. After that you should be OK to start eating rougher things, but no whole grains or anything that's going to scrape.
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Five days of diarrhea and you're extremely hungry? Dude, not good. Can't you even go to a walk-in clinic in the evening?

IANAD (and certainly phone yours ASAP and get some advice), but it's possible that your electrolytes are out of whack. Ask your doctor if should try the homemade remedy: 8 teaspoons sugar and 1 teaspoon salt in 1 liter (or 1 quart, close enough) of water, taking in up to 2 liters a day in addition to plain water and the types of food SpecialK recommends above.
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IANAD: Diarrhea's main risk is dehydration. Follow the preceding advice, even if you feel just fine, and get to your doctor ASAP.
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If you have problems with too much stomach acid, this is not that uncommon. Try the bananas, rice, toast and apple hospitals feed recovering gastro-patients. Mashed bananas, white rice with no butter or oil, white toast with no butter or oil or jam (mashed up banana on it is okay, and peeled, mashed apples (not commercial applesauce which has lots of other stuff in it).
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Are you experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety? Those conditions tend to turn the blender on inside me.
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I nth all the clear liquid recommendations (broth and electrolyte drinks are key) but give the caution that you should stay away from the yogurt (and any other dairy products, which in my experience are very bad when you've got serious diahrrea) until your system is regular again. You really should work hard to avoid dehydration, which can get serious quickly when nothing is staying in your system. And DO call the doctor's office and get their advice on what to do until you can get in. See if they'll put you on a list to be called in earlier than Friday if some other patient cancels an appt between now and then.
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Pedialyte, seriously. Saved me when I had food poisoning from shellfish during exams.
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Have you tried Kaopectate, or some other anti-diarrhea medication?
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I second the yogurt with healthy bacteria.
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my family swears by a teaspoon of angostura bitters in a glass of water.
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I had this earlier in the year. The doctors found nothing -- thankfully, it went away after three weeks; the stool tests they were prescribing for me were getting progressively more disgusting.
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Alright, my doctor called just after I made this post and managed to see me. He set me on the BRAT Diet but said just stick with water and clear liquids if possible. He also gave me a prescription for two meds and we're running some stool tests. (When he pressed parts of my stomach area (near large intestine, I think), it was rather tender.

I'll report back after the tests in case others with similar issues find the thread.

Thanks all!
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This could be a simple bacterial overgrowth, or a mild case of food poisoning. On the other hand it could be something more severe. Get thee to the doctor as soon as possible.

If you're having trouble with solid stuff, drug stores sell 'liquid nutrition' drinks that pack a bunch of calories into a milkshake-like substance. It might get you to keep some calories down, anyway.
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in my family, a shot of kirschwasser (cherry brandy) always seemed to do the trick.

obviously, don't take this with your morning coffee.
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I've had this happen a few times, always due to stress. Do whatever it is you do to relax--yes, even at work--and see if that helps.
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