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I was just "upgraded" to a Custom PlayStationPortable Firmware (3.52 M33-4). I need help understanding/learning how to use it.

I'm kind of a *noob* at the PSP Firmware thing, but I have absolutely no idea how to use my new firmware beyond putting an .iso in the .ISO folder.

1. Are there any tutorials or guides that show me how to do other things? I am especially interested in the eBook reader capability (Don't know how to get to it, load it, etc...)

2. How do I make backups of the PSP games I already bought? (Is there a "ripper", and how do I get it/learn to use it?)
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Best answer: I've started using CFW a few weeks ago, mostly for games.

There are some guides around. A good place to check for those is usually forums. You can find some at PSP-Hacking101's forums or The main sites of both of these ( and are nice for youtube tutorials and psp hacking news, respectively.

For ebooks, I haven't looked around much, but there is Bookr for PSP, which AFAIK supports TXT, HTML and PDF formats. There is also a patch for DjVu support, you can check for patches in the "Tracker" section of the homepage. There's also PSP Ebook Creator which seems to take ebooks and convert them to JPG so you can read them in the PSP built-in image viewer.

If you would like to view manga or comics, you could check out Manga2PSP or PSPComic.

As far as make backups of games, I use UMD Dax Dumper which will dump a UMD to an ISO file on your memory stick.

You should remember that most homebrew will go into your GAME150 folder as they need to run under kernel 1.50.
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Response by poster: Got it!

Managed to use UMD Dax Dumper, with great success!

Also used Bookr... incredible!

Thanks for the great tips!
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Should the worst happen, there is now a freeware PSP unbricker. You do have to buy a spare battery though.
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