Types of part time jobs for a psychology student before applying to grad school
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I'm presently completing a B.A. on Psychology (via distance learning) with the intentions of continuing towards a Masters in Clinical Social Work. I have a couple of questions: 1) I'm 42 years old and have done back to school as a career changer. I have a wife and daughter and need to work part time while I'm a full time student. Does anyone have any suggestions for work which might help with graduate schools looking at both my academic and work background? All of my previous work experience involves working with people, but not much similar to work a therapist would be engaged in (worked for last 8 years as a talent agent) 2) Does anyone know which cities offer the greatest potential for work as a clinical social worker as I hope to eventually open a private practice, but will work in hospital or mental health facility while gaining experience?
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This isn't exactly an answer to your question, but I definitely think that being a talent agent is a very related field to being a therapist.
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I am a grad student at the UNC School of Social Work. The admissions committee definitely factors work experience into their decisions. If you can adequately tie in why you think your experience relates to your desire to get this degree then they will happily consider your application.
All accredited Social Work Masters programs require you to work in the field during the school year, and sometimes, if you can prove that it's necessary, will actually attempt to employ you as a paid worker outside of your field hours.
Chapel Hill has many many medical facilities (Duke and UNC, as well as many others) which the School can place you in for field if you make a good case for why you want to be there. Most people in my program are going into mental health direct practice, so you are not alone in your pursuits.
Mainly it is just very important that you can justify your reasons for wanting to do whatever it is you want to do. All applications and subsequent needs while in the program are considered on an individual basis.
Also, there are many married folk, some with kids, and you wouldn't be the oldest. It's a quite diverse program, which I assume would be the case with most schools.
Good Luck.
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Response by poster: Hi, Greta,

Thank you for your thoughtful and thoruh answer. I left my university studies 20 years ago to pursue a career in music, but had intended to embark on a career in Psychology as a therapist, so the passionand desire to help others who are suffering has always been there. I have another 1 to 1/2 to finish my undergrad, but I'm also needed to work part time and looking for an opportunity that is more closely related to this type of career, with the full understanding that it's not going to pay too much..

Thanks again. You were helpful.

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