How can I keep a web-based running schedule?
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I'm looking for a (preferably web-based) method of planning/calculating my work schedule.

I work as a Graphic Design/Marketing Grad. Assistant at UIC, so in between classes I need to cram in 20 hours of work every week. This seems simple at first glance, but I'm often asked to work various events at odd hours, and at times my classes dictate I stay there longer (or shorter) than originally scheduled.

Now, each week on Thursday I am required to submit a Weekly Report to my supervisor, detailing when I worked and what I accomplished. Basically I can work whenever I want to, as long as I (a) get everything done on time and (b) work my 20 hours. I've been keeping a running note on my iPhone that basically looks like this:

Weekly Report 9/24-9/28

Monday 9/24

Tuesday 9/25
9:00-5:00PM (7.75 hours)

Wednesday 9/26
11:40-1:00PM (1.25 hours) (9)

Thursday 9/27
9:00-5:00PM (7.75 hours) (16.75)

Friday 9/28
11:40-3:00pm (3.25 hours) (20)

Total: 20 hours

I try to figure everything out early on in the week and then edit as needed, however, its getting to be a pain to type (and re-type) the total hours each day and the running total of hours for the week if I need to make any changes.

Maybe I'm just being lazy but I would imagine there's some way, out there in the vast expanses of the interwebs, for me to craft a form that will help me with this. In a perfect world I'd like something light-weight enough to log onto it with my iPhone, enter in that on Tuesday I'm working x to x and have it update my running schedule for the week. Now if there's a way that I could automate the e-mailing of this information to my boss, all the better, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

I thought about making a Google Spreadsheet, but it doesn't really work so wonderfully on my iPhone.

Oh, and if I'm out of my mind on this, feel free to let me know.
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Googling iphone spreadsheet got me EditGrid. Any use?
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I do something similar for myself to keep track of what I worked on over the course of a week using slimtimer. It has several very handy reporting features. I'm not sure that e-mail output is one of them, and I don't have an iPhone to test the interface with, but give it a try.
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