Lost Japanese Music Video
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MTV used to have a show called "Earth to MTV" where they showed videos from foreign countries. On it, I would swear I saw a japanese video by a gorup called the "Barbie Boys". The song was called "Norma Jean".

I can find no trace of this on the internet or on Youtube, which is surprising considering it seems that everything winds up on Youtube sooner or later.

The group had both a male and a female singer. The guitarist's antics somehow reminded me of Rick Nielsen(sp?) of Cheap Trick. I think the opening line lyrics are something like

"Naji nan da, Norma Jean, Owijo Kota"

Anyone know the song/video I am talking about?
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This one?
posted by wanderingmind at 9:27 PM on September 29, 2007

Best answer: ...Actually, this one might be more what you're looking for.

Found by searching for "Norma Jean" in katakana (ノーマ・ジーン).
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Response by poster: Thanks, Wanderingmind!-- That's it! How do you search using Katakana on an American machine?
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Google accepts katakana in its search box. You have to enable Japanese input first - I'm on a Mac, so that just means clicking the appropriate boxes in the International control panel (under Input Menu). No idea how to do that in Windows, but I think it's similar.
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