Where can I get an amazing retro dress?
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My university is having a prom / formal dance for grad students. (woot) Where can I (and my friends) get AWESOME retro ironic dresses?

We'll check out the local thrift shops, but any websites that you know of that sell vintage '80s dresses for cheap? Link to event.
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Checking eBay for Gunne Sax should hit right in the heart of anything from 1979 farm girl fantasy to 1986 permed hair-and-lame goodness.
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...please say one of you will wear this (preferably with sheer black stockings and frosted highlights).
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Related, anyone know the formal name for the dresses that were crinkly spandex and then poofed out at the bottom.
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Poofed like a balloon skirt or poofed like a tiered skirt?
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(If you mean like a balloon, we called them bubble dresses and eBay also seems to. Wow, you can get both balloon and tiers together! This question makes me want this dress so hard.)
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Vintage stores like Value Village are probably a good bet.
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Oh, this brings back such memories.

k8t, I think you're referring to the mermaid dress. Back in the day, the term did indeed refer to the shimmering, crinkly tight-and-then-POOF! style, but the word's still used for a lot of different fit and flare styles.
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Metro Three. Home of the "Make Levees not War" T-Shirts and other fine retro goodness.
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Mr Gunn: Your "Make Levees not War" link doesn't go where you might think it goes. Unless Natalie Portman was wearing one of their shirts?
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