Need more Daily Show from More 4
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Is there any rhyme or reason to More 4's scheduling of The Daily Show in the UK?

I have my HD recorder set to tape every episode, but I seem to be cursed by repeats, and the crappy "Global Edition". In addition though, I seem to often miss out on interesting episodes, including the recent one with Bill Clinton as the guest.
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I gave up watching it. On mainland Europe I can watch it in hotels, I think one of the BBC news channels shows it, and it's always current. More 4 can't seem to do the same.
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This happens on my American Tivo too. It is supposed to only record first episodes, but gets everything.
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I'm guessing More4 repeats when there is no previous Daily Show to show - The show had a two week break at the end of August/start of September which may account for some recent repeating. Also you'll get repeats when theres no show due to American holidays.

I have noticed that the Global editions tend to take alot of material from one or two shows so that they're tiresome to watch if you've seen the one show in the week they're getting most of the content from.

No idea on missing episodes, I don't tend to follow them that closely.
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(assuming you're in the UK) Have you had a look at 4OD? They have the last show available for download and give the episode number and show content.
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My SkyPlus screws up with the Daily Show with alarm regularity - so to be honest, I download on torrent...its not ideal, and leaves a bad taste - but I find 9/10 editions.
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Be careful with 4OD. At some point I considered it, then Googled "4OD malware" or "4OD spyware" and while I don't remember what I found, it was enough for me to pass on it.
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If you have decent internet, get new episodes from btjunkie, including the one with Bill Clinton. The downloads are blazing fast if you get them reasonably close to the air date. I've been watching the Daily Show on a one-day delay like this for a few years, it's nice to not own a TV.
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More4 shows every single new episode of The Daily Show the day after it airs in the US. Global editions are always shown on Mondays to fill in the one-day gap, so you can always skip Mondays if you've seen the previous week's shows and keep watching Tuesday to Friday.

When TDS takes a break in the US, More4 simply repeats the previous one or two week's shows (for a 1-week break they'll go back 4 shows, for a 2-week break they'll go back 8 shows). Usually if you see a repeat on Tuesday you're safe to skip the rest of the week's shows, although occasionally there's just the one show in a week that's cancelled (like last week, the Monday (Tuesday for us) show was missing because Jon Stewart was at the Emmys).

Generally speaking you can check Comedy Central's site and the top red banner should mention the name of the next interviewee and whether it's a new episode or a repeat. Apply one-day US/UK delay as needed.
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bent back tulips gives the right advice here. Remember that The Daily Show is only on four nights a week in the States, not Monday to Friday as it is on More4 (Fridays are mostly dead nights for US TV, unlike in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere), hence the Global Edition on Mondays (which also airs weekends on CNN International).

I too was a little thrown off by last Tuesday's repeat, until I remembered the Emmys had been on. A quick glance at the Comedy Central site answered that for me.
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One more thing to note is that because TDS is shown before 9pm, it's cut, sometimes quite randomly. I emailed More4 about this, asking for the late night repeat to be shown uncut, but got no reply.

You also miss out on the Colbert handover.
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