Music by and/or about Mormons?
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For the next few months I'll be projecting a series of films by and about Mormons. I'm looking for appropriate pre-show music.

The series is very diverse - last night we showed the completely over-the-top "The Book of Mormon Movie", but next week we'll be showing an archival print of "A Mormon Maid" from 1917.

So serious stuff (so far in that category I've just got Low) is just as welcome as silly stuff (like the classic "I'm A Mormon!").
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I was coming here to suggest "I'm A Mormon," but I see of course you have that already. Perhaps something from the Angels In America soundtrack (which deals in part with Mormons)?
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Foo Fighters: You're not the only one
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The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Pretty fucking stupendous music.
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The New York Dolls, of course. And some early Bowie with Mick Ronson on guitar.

(or, if you're lame, some Maroon 5 or Killers, but please don't)
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Palace of the Brine by the Pixies.

The History of Utah by Camper Van Beethoven (best lyrics evar)
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Here's a list of Famous Mormon Musicians: looks like you could juxtapose The Osmonds with Gladys Knight & even Warren Zevon.
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I give you the Mormon Rap. (Lyrics and link to mp3)
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The 5 Browns are mormon and pretty darn classy.
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Hey, Doc Films! I'm coming next week.

And yes, I'd certainly expect to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
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"Traffic in My Mind," By the Osmonds... from their awesome freak-out 1973 Mormon concept album, The Plan (previews at amazon). The whole album is pretty amazing, but that is the standout track.
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I'd go with some a cappella from Brigham Young's Vocal Point. They do contemporary and religious stuff. They're incredibly entertaining and skilled.
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Check your email.
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A track that I'd love to have--and that I think would be perfect for something like your project--is at the end of the movie "New York Doll."

As the movie credits roll, David Johansen (formerly a New York Doll rocker) performs a scratchy, rough, tender take of "A Poor, Wayfaring Man of Grief," purported to be Joseph Smith's favorite hymn.

Personally, as a Mormon with intact senses of curiosity and wonder, it's powerful.
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You can always go with the parody band, the Moron Fishingtackle Choir. If I recall correctly, they were like the Portsmouth Symphonium of American choral music.
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