Lupus doctors, anyone?
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Does anyone know any kick-ass lupus doctors in the San Francisco Bay Area?

A friend of mine, who has the aggressive, organ-munching version of lupus, is in need of a new doctor.

Her current lupus doctor is mostly retired and no longer keeps up on new developments in the field. He's also not very available (he only works one day every two months).

If she has the luxury of choice, the east bay would be the most convenient, but anywhere in the bay area will work out.
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Your friend needs a rheumatologist. I'm nowhere near San Francisco, so I don't know the area. Here are some rheumys at UCSF, which might be a place to start. The Lupus Foundation of America also has some good resources, from asking professionals to posting to other patients (who might be able to recommend a rheumy from personal experience.)
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Try Stanford. My mom sees one of their docs in Palo Alto and had done fairly well.
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