Real-time video manipulaton [mac]
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Anybody have experience doing manipulation of video in near real-time? Advice and general guidance needed.

Roughly, recording video and displaying it at the same time and messing with it so things can be seamlessly slowed down and then sped up. The timings would need to be controlled programatically.
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How much programming are you willing to do?

Processing has pretty good tools for getting going with video pretty quickly.
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Also, look into this - You can probably start there and look into what other kinds of controllers people have used for this kind of thing.
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Um, google "Video mixer" and VJ.
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You may also want to have a look at "Quartz Composer" which is included with the developer tools. It's specifically geared towards real-time manipulation.
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Jitter, from Cycling '74 (the MaxMSP people)
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