Feed my seaweed need
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While in Dublin, Slothrop and I fell in love with this yummy Thai snack: Tao Kae Noi Crispy Seaweed. Since moving back to the States, we were able to find it in Ann Arbor, and stocked up, but now our supplies have run out. Help!

There are no Asian grocery stores where we live (that's right, none). Does anyone know of a store in Lexington or Louisville (Kentucky) that sells it? Even better, is there an online source? I've looked, but apparently not hard enough. Thanks!
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Looking at that website just gave me a seizure. Anyway, have you tried emailing them?
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Emerald Cove makes crispy seaweed that is freakin' delicious. Health food stories distributors have easy access to this product, though you may have to buy a case (they are like crack, you can binge on a weekend and eat the whole case)
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May I ask, where in Ann Arbor?
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If it's just seasoned nori sheets (like this), you can buy the ones for making sushi from normal grocery stores, add a bit of salt and/or soy and (optional) toast them.

All my local grocery stores carry it.
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Which grocery stores have you checked out yet in Lexington? I'd try Yu Yu on Waller first because they have a vast array of snacks. I would even ask there to see if they can order it for you and stock it.
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Response by poster: I've been to Yu Yu - they didn't have it, but asking them to order it is a great idea. As is e-mailing the company - surely they'd wanna help a girl out!

In Ann Arbor, we bought it at the Asian MegaMart (not really what it's called, but it IS huge) on Washtenaw by the Ypsi-Arbor bowl.

Failing all else I will try to make my own (bought some nori for this purpose, but in part we love the seaweed as much for the packaging as for the treat itself).

Thanks much!
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