Best way to rip movie video to 1 stream
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I want to rip a movie from a DVD to its elementary streams (.ac3 & .m2v). I can do this using the Stream Processing\Demux option in DVD Decrypter, but because the video is spread across several VOBs, I end up with several video files. So - I then have to rejoin these video segments, which I'm using the Join command in DOS for. It works fine but I'm wondering if there's an easier way to do this? I'm open to Mac options too.
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Roxio popcorn might do what you want. It can turn a whole VOB directory into one .m4v file for iTunes so it might be able to convert it to just one .m2v file.
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Best answer: You can tell DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD into one VOB, it's in the settings.
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You can use that most elementary of *nix commands: cat

Yep, concatenation works on MPEG-2 program streams. At least, it does when they were intended to be played as part of one title. If the timestamps jump around, things could get weird.
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