I need to find a place to store my movie and music ratings
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I've been using Bibliophil to track my books and reading. Are there similar sites or tools for movies and music?

Last year, I found Bibliophil and was ecstatic. For those who don't know, Bibliophil allows me to track the books I have read, input the dates on which I read them, and also save my ratings for said books. The most useful feature for me is the ability to export this data from the site into Excel or Calc.

Now, I want to see if I can find a similar tool for movies and/or music.

The features I would like in such a tool are:
- The ability to input the date when I watched the movie/listened to the CD.
-The ability to export the data to an Excel file
-Web access is a plus.

I'm fine with offline tools as well. Anything to save my ratings on a site besides Amazon.

Thanks all!
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I'm not aware of any site that does quite that...there's an issue with "where does the data come from" with CD's and movies that is much harder than books. With Books, you have the LoC and other bibliographic information sites that you can grab data from.

With that said, and to completely not answer the question, I'd suggest taking a look at LibraryThing. I know that many people would love for Tim to move LibraryThing to include Cd's and Movies, and as it's the largest personal-library site on the webs, if it happens, it will happen there.

For offline, the Mac-only program Delicious Library is the slickest personal library software you'll ever see, and it does do CD's, movies, and games.
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I use Criticker to store my movie rankings, the downside is that you can't enter the date you watched the movie (unless you enter that info as a mini-review for the world to see); the plus side is that it also give predicted recommendations based on your existing rankings.
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I've used Movie Collectorz for some time and find it to be pretty easy to use as soon as you get over the learning curve.

Setup can take a bit to get your categories/views down. I really like some of the export options though, as well as the customization. I really like the fact that it imports info from IMDB, Amazon, and various other places to give me a well rounded database to search.

You can export it into CSV (for excel), HTML (with pretty pictures) or even onto your ipod if you want to see it on the go.
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For music, just install Last.Fm player or the Audioscrobbler plugin for music player of your choice. You can integrate it with your MP3 player so that when you sync it will upload everything you listened to since last. It will track everything you listen to and you will end up with something like this.
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