iPod flashcard software
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Help me find the flash-card-to-iPod software of my dreams!

Basically, I want this software to make flash cards for myself, but the software is only for Macs. Does anyone know of an equivalent piece of software for PCs? The most important factor for me is that I can easily export it onto my iPod, but the ability to make cards with multiple sides and an easy to understand GUI are also really important. In the past, I've just manually linked together text files and exported them onto my iPod, but I'm not great at that kind of thing so it took me more time than it was worth. Thanks!
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Your link is the URL for this posting. Reviews say that this software is pretty good. You can try the product before you buy it.
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Response by poster: Huh, I just figured that was a quirk of preview. iFlash is the one I wanted to link to. Thanks for the recommendation.
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