Denver camper hire
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VW Camper Hire in Denver

Is there anywhere in Denver where I can hire a VW camper van? I can't find anything on Google
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Best answer: Do you want to rent an old VW bus (that's what they are usually called in the US), or would a small van size RV work?

RV rentals in Denver

If it must be a VW, why, and what year would you be looking for? If this is for photos or something like that, you might contact a VW or Westphalia club in Denver. If you want to rent an old split window bus to drive around on a road trip, this would probably be difficult to find as a rental in good condition.
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If it wasn't clear, a place that does RV rentals would probably be your best bet for finding a newer VW camper for rent.
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Response by poster: its for a road trip, and I'm going to be on my own so I did'nt want some huge RV thing that sleeps 6. The old vw campervans are nice and compact
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Response by poster: actually something like this:

would be good
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Best answer: It would be difficult to find an old (60's or 70's) VW for rent, they are rather fussy vehicles and any that are running reasonably well are probably owned by someone who babies them. They tend to need sudden repairs, so not the best vehicle for a road trip, particularly if you are not used to working on them and don't have any tools.

VW does have some more recent camper vans, I'm not sure but they might have been selling them in the US through the early 2000's. I don't know how available they are as rental vehicles though. A conversion van should work fairly well for you, here's one for rent:

If you want a sink/fridge/toilet ask about those item(s) specifically, conversion vans are all different.

I've owned both a '91 Chevy conversion van and a '73 VW bus. The van is a little wider than the bus, and drives like a pickup truck (they are built on a truck chassis). I drove the conversion van as my main vehicle for several years. The bus is a little more compact, and drives like a car except for some weirdness about the front wheels being behind the driver's seat. The van is a reasonable single person road trip vehicle, uses about as much gas as the bus, and can be taken up most roads you would take a pickup truck on. The only place you would have trouble would be with parking garages, and even in downtown Denver you should be able to find something on the street if you are willing to walk a little farther.

In my experience, road trips with VW buses tend to give you a road trip story that involves a lot of auto repair. I have met some nice people who stopped to help, some nice tow truck drivers, and some nice people at auto parts stores. I have a lot of interesting stories involving crazy repairs, blown engines, thrown rods, etc.

The van is a very boring vehicle, only had to get the thermostat replaced on the road. Oh, it also goes up hills in the Colorado mountains at more than 40 mph, and has a heater that works slightly better than the one in the bus. It used to be that driving a bus was an easy way to get unwanted attention from the police, but I'm not sure if that is still the case. I would recommend a conversion van over a VW bus for a happy road trip where you drive where you want to, when you want to.

Another possibility is renting a minivan, you can take the seats out (but you will need somewhere to leave them), and have enough room to sleep in the back.

That being said, there is nothing like a VW bus.
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Response by poster: thanks yohko - good info

I've actually found this - an Econo Van - which seems to be the sort of thing I'm after. Over here in the uk, there are quite a few places that do vw camper rentals, and I presume they keep them in reasonable working order....
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VW quit selling even passenger vans (the Eurovan) in the US in 2004, and hasn't sold a stock camper since 1993 or so, although some aftermarket conversions were done.

Can you rent a VW Type 2 in the UK? (Type 2's are the old ones with the flat fronts -- first 3 photos on this Wikipedia page) Please reply in this thread if that's what you were refering to ... I'll be visiting the UK in the next year or two, and I would definitely rent one if they are available there, just to drive a nice running Type 2.
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