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Now that Demonoid is dead, is there another great invite-only torrent site?
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Depends what the torrents are of. I know of one video one and one audio one, and I'm sure there are more of both kinds, and likely more of other kinds.
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It's not down permanently, apparently.
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What happened to demonoid? is not invite-only, but it is pretty darn good for tv and movies.
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Mod note: few comments removed - please don't turn this thread into a request for invites, maybe set up a page on the wiki for that? thanks.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 8:34 AM on September 27, 2007, are two of my flavorites. But then, I usually just hop over to and snag what I needs from there.
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Can someone link the page we are going to share invites at? I have some to give.
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echoing caek I have heard that there is some dispute about the nature of the outage. The CIRA story is apparently only speculation/rumor at this point.
posted by zennoshinjou at 10:26 AM on September 27, 2007 is a great place to find new BT sites
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There's a zillion of them. What sort of stuff are you interested in? Movies? TV? Music?
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Best answer: Music is covered by Oink and if you can't get an invite for Oink, there's,,,,,,,, (last three fairly specialised as you might guess by the name), and a hundred other smaller sites.

TV: covers pretty much everything but you'll have to beg for invites. Most US tv is pretty well covered by (the publicly available) who can be found on their own web site and on Mininova and most every other torrent indexing site known to man. UK tv can be found on or

Movies:,,,, (for HD stuff - also and,, etc.

Then there are more general trackers who carry a wide range of mostly scene-released stuff:,,,,, And there are the trackers that allow general uploads together with the scene-stuff. And that list is too long to give here.

You'll probably need to scrabble about for invites to all of those mentioned above. Demonoid is (was) pretty easy to get an invite for. And for many of the most in-demand, you'll have to be prepared to seed for a very long time to meet ratio as you'll encounter plenty of peeps with seed boxes who'll give you great d/l speeds but hog the upload as well.
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Can someone link the page we are going to share invites at? I have some to give.

Is anyone going to create a page for that? I have some invites to give, too.
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And it may sound a bit ridiculous, but the best way to get invites to any of these places is to already have a membership at one or more of these places. You make friends within the community, you prove your worth with a good ratio at one or two sites, and suddenly invites won't be a problem... people are often very wary of inviting others they don't have a clue about - particularly when most of the sites prefer to stay out of the headlines and when inviting someone who turns out to just leech can get both them *and* you banned.
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By the way, for most of those sites that humuhumu listed, if you get or give an invite through an invite trading site you are looking at a ban. The whole point of the invite system that these sites use is so that you invite people that you know and trust, not strangers.
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I Love Torrents (for movies and such)
Libble (for music)

Last I checked both were private but don't require invites.
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