I need new cushion covers!
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I need covers for the cushions on my couch. Where can I get them with these custom dimensions for a reasonable cost (20ish a piece)?

I have 3 that are 17.5 x 23.5
and 3 that are 24 x 25
both sets are 5 inches thick.

What are my best options for finding these? I just want a solid color.. maybe dark gray or black, very dark red would work too.

I could try to make them... but I dont think that would turn out well.


(i've tried surefit, they dont really have cushion covers, which is odd considering its easier to make those than full couch covers!)
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Custom slipcovers are usually expensive. It seems that I have seen a lot of websites out there that make mail order custom slipcovers. You may want to check these out. Or, you may have luck soliciting on Craigslist.

Making a removable, washable cushion cover is pretty easy if you have a friend that has experience with sewing. I've done it a few times and have found that the directions in the Upholstery Basics (Singer Sewing Reference Library) are very straigtforward. There isn't a step that is left out and the photos are great.

If you have a friend do it, don't forget to launder your fabric beforehand to prevent shrinkage. Dry clean it if you plan to dry clean, wash and dry in a machine if you choose a machine washable fabric. If it were me I'd choose a durable, tightly woven cotton, machine washable fabric such as canvas, cotton duck, or denim if you plan to launder frequently.
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I would look on etsy.com -- I'm sure one of the sellers there would accommodate a custom order -- might take some looking
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