Is there anywhere to look at Pella replacement windows in or around London?
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Is there anywhere to look at Pella replacement windows in or around London?

My parents are replacing the windows on their house here in the US, but are currently living in London. They would like to be able to visit a Pella showroom, or at least a builders' supply place that carries them, so they can get a look at them first hand before approving them. The official Pella distributor for the UK is in Ireland, so that's not very useful. Convenient to the Docklands/Canary Wharf area would be preferable.
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The Building Centre might be able to help you.
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I'd be surprised if the windows available in the E.U. would be the same models, spec, style or meet the same standards as those in North America, but it's a small world...

Also, there's more good windows out there than just Pella. We recently added a 2nd storey to our house, and our builder recommended a make we hadn't ever heard of (cos they don't advertise like Pella), but they turned out to be very good and reasonably priced.

So, I'd say if your parents can't defer the decision til their next trip to the States, then they should just trust a good contracter to make the choice, with your assistance maybe.
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If your parents would be interested in a recommendation from someone who replaced all of their crappy aluminum windows with Pella, my email address is in my profile.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help so far. The brand decision is pretty well made -- my stepfather is a contractor (and he'll be installing the windows when he next returns to the States), and he prefers Pella. The only sticking point is my mother, who is picky, architecturally speaking, and wants to see them first (no, she doesn't want to take my or my stepfather's word for it -- like I said, picky).
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