Where can grown-ups and toddlers hang out together in New York?
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Where can adults and kids hang out together in New York? We're visiting New York, where we used to live, for a weekend. We want to arrange an informal gathering so we can see all our friends. Last time we did this, we held it at Bar Veloce in Chelsea, which was perfect. But that was before we, and many of our friends, had small children. What's a pleasant place to meet in Manhattan where 25 or so adults, many accompanied by babies and toddlers, can hang out for a Sunday evening, talk, get drinks and something to eat, and not worry that our kids are going to destroy something?

Obviously there exist kid-friendly restaurants, but people may be showing up and leaving at different times, so table seating could be complicated. And this is still a few months away, so it'll be too dark and cold to do anything outdoors.
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The non-table seating limitation eliminates literally every suggestion I was going to make... if you're willing to forgo that criteria, then I'd either suggest America (the default downtown "family" restaurant), or one of the big "large-party" Chinese restaurants like Congee Village or Jing Fong.
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Maybe you could rent a hall and have it catered?
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mars2112 - the lounge area.
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I think Dave & Buster's in Times Square has a private room, where you could have your table and people could come and go as they please.
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It does sound like a private room would be ideal - I am reading your post to say that with children, your group will be around 35 people? The private rooms at one of the Alice's Tea Cup locations might be quite delightful for children.

The other place that comes to mind is Otto, which is a casual and family friendly Mario Batali restaurant. Besides the dining room area, it has a huge, bustling (but not rowdy) wine bar space that serves light food but does not have the formal seating you are trying to avoid - might be worth a shot to reserve a few tables.

Saladin, are you referring to the America in the Union Square area? If I'm not mistaken, that has closed and is now a Rosa Mexicano location.
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