Help me get acquainted with the North American teeth whitening business
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Help me find the latest information on Rembrandt's key competitors and market share in both the toothpaste and teeth whitener categories.

The North American toothpaste market is saturated and air-tight, this I know, but I have no idea who the players are in the teeth whitening categories, or where I might find the latest free, non-proprietary data on these markets. Help and direction would be appreciated. Thanks hive mind!
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Best answer: Check your e-mail.
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Best answer: I have had luck with factiva doing research like this in college, they seem to give a one-week trial subscription, or else check your library, I can use factiva at mine.
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Response by poster: Fantastic cog_nate. Looks juicy. Thank you very much :)

I'll look into factiva too rakish (thank you also).
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