Dentist/Doc suggestions in Boston area?
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Any suggestions for a dentist as well as doctor for someone recently moved to the Boston Metro area? (specifically Weymouth/Hingham) but...

I am looking for a good dentist in the Weymouth, Hingham area south of Boston...I am obsessed with my teeth so I would consider going into Boston itself for a great dentist. I also have some gum disease issues that are under control but I need to keep an eye on. My former dentist did the cleanings herself, which was awesome, but I don't necessarily expect that. I would, however, like someone who spends more than 30 seconds with a patient. Also would consider any suggestions on a good periodontist.

I am also looking for a general family practice doctor for myself and my wife. Same deal - someone who is not in a rush, actually listens, etc.
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I recently started going to Harvard Vanguard (Davis Square office) for both teeth and doctor-ness, and I've been really happy with them -- this after my awful clinic experience. They have a bunch of metro Boston locations, though not Weymouth/Hingham specifically (except for some imaging), listed here.
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Best answer: The best dentist in the world is Dr. John Atkins of Atkins Dentistry in Needham (just off Exit 19 on Rt. 128). He is so good that I'd drive all the way from the Cape to see him. Welcome to the area!
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Wow, weird. I grew up in Hingham and went to the same dentist there for 25 years before I moved to San Francisco. He's great, I highly recommend him. Wow, their web site is cheesy. But it has his contact information.
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As long as we're recommending Davis, Davis Square Dental gets rave reviews--I didn't realize it was possible to be enthusiastic about a dentist as some folks are about Dr. Cook. (My cleaning there wasn't the highlight of my life or anything, but it was fine.)
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Best answer: If you're willing to go north, you might as well go south (sans traffic) and go to my dentist - Dr. Robert Morlan in Plymouth. He is undoubtedly the nicest and most skilled dentist I have ever met and his hygienist is very nice (which is wonderful for me because all of the hygienists I had experienced before her were...not.)
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I was going to recommend Dr Cook. I recently moved to DC, but I've kept him as my dentist. I'll just go to him for my regular cleaning when I'm home. :D
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