Do I need a permit to sell stuff at the flea market?
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So I have a bunch of stuff I'd like to sell on Brick Lane, London (flea market).

I have clothes and various things I'd like to sell on Brick Lane on sunday. I noticed some of the street vendors (those on the pavement) have what I think looks like a permit, while others don't (i.e the people who sell illegal dvds, for example). I can't seem to find any information about permits on the internet.

Do I need one? Do I need to show up at 5 am and see? Is there any other place that's worth trying?

Thanks Mefites!
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Contact these people, I'd say: Tower Hamlets council's Market Service.

"The Market Service is responsible for the management of the borough's street markets. It provides advice and assistance to the 2,500 registered traders and those wishing to become street traders. Information on the Standard Licence Conditions, pitch vacancies, fees and application forms to trade will be provided on request."
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