Manhattan Gynecologist who does IUDs
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Asking for a friend: A good gynecologist in Manhattan that will give an IUD to a woman who has never been pregnant?

Looking for a gynecologist recommendation for a young (mid-20s) woman. Manhattan preferred, but would consider the outerboroughs/Long Island/NJ. Bonus points if they accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield
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I'm not in NYC, but I got my IUD at Planned Parenthood. Never having been pregnant was not an issue, although she did ask why I was unsatisfied with the Pill. They accept most insurance carriers. She would most likely be treated by a nurse practitioner instead of a physician.
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I don't know this for certain, because I didn't push it, but my gynecologist seemed open to the idea (although she does not recommend it). Dr. Anna Kremer; she has offices in Astoria and Manhattan (I think).
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Stewart Medical Associates. Dr. Ellen Stewart and Dr. Andrea Capalbo are both excellent physicians in Manhattan. I believe they do accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
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Posting back for a friend who says she recommends Dr Shannon Hudson at 35th and park who seems willing to give IUD's to women who have not been pregnant and who also takes Bluecross.
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I love love love my woman's clinic in soho - it takes all kinds of insurance plans.
(212) 966-7600
Soho - on Broadway

I hated going to ob/gyns before them. They provide yearly check ups and all birth control options. All women staff.
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Just so you know BlueCross most likely won't pay for the IUD. Expect to pay $400-$900.

OTOH I've never had a hard time finding a gyno who would prescribe one to a woman who hadn't been pregnant. I think that's a bit of an old fashioned notion at this point.
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Not true, according to my friends, fshgrl. I've had three separate people have an EXTREMELY hard time getting an IUD because they'd never been pregnant. Totally seems to depend on the doctor.
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This may vary by state, but Blue Cross California paid for my IUD. They did, however, specify that it had to be inserted by an MD, not a nurse practitioner. Either way, your friend should definitely clear it with them first.
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The IUD diva community keeps a list of "IUD-friendly doctors" and there may be some in Manhattan. The rest of the site is very useful too, and there is a lot that is unlocked and freely viewable.
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I got to Murray Hill Ob-Gyn. They are great - all women staff as well. I have had a child but they told me that even if I hadn't they would consider giving me the IUD. YMMV. I'm sure you can call them first and ask if they'll consider IUD insertion on someone who hasn't had a baby.

I have BC/BS and they will not pay for the IUD nor its insertion. I think it depends on what your employer's plan is, though - BC/BS will cover it on some plans. Without the coverage I am paying around $850 for it.
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Er, go to. Not got to.
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I also used Planned Parenthood, and I had to argue my way through. I cited the World Health Organization, which recently released a statement saying that the risks of nulli-paras (never-been-pregnant) women getting an IUD were outweighed by the benefits. I also happened to have just completed a research paper on that topic. I am also a nursing student, so they seemed to be more open to the idea of me getting one.

Tell your friend to arm herself with knowledge, and many doctors will give her an IUD. If she wants a copy of my research paper, email's in the profile.
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