London and Paris for kids
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London and Paris: what are the highlights for families with young children? I teach at an international school in Japan and one of my students is going to London, Paris, and St. Andrews in Scotland for her father's business trip. Her mother has asked me for recommendations of places to visit.

They will be in Europe for about two weeks, so I'm trying to find the best things for them to do at each location.

For the record, my student is in first grade (six years old), and she has an older sister in third grade and a younger sister in kindergarten.
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Check your email.
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I'm also interested in answers to this question. Perhaps you could share with the class, occhiblu?
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When we went to Paris a couple of years ago, we enjoyed taking our daughter to the Park de la Villette and the Cite des Sciences museum
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And there's the Science Museum in London. Museums in the UK are generally free, by the way.
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The Science Museum is actually kind of crappy in my opinion; the Natural History Museum is miles better.
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The Science Museum in London is great for kids, with plenty of hands-on things to see and do - plus the IMAX cinema is an added treat. Have taken 6th and 7th graders there and they have always enjoyed it. I (and the students I've taught) have also enjoyed Mummy: The Inside Story at the British Museum. The London Aquarium and Regent's Park Zoo are also fun days out, but expect to queue for the zoo, especially on weekends.

We take 7th grade to Disneyland Paris once a year and study forces in motion, heart rates and it turns out to be a really good educational and fun trip. Especially teaching kids how a Pepper's Ghost illusion works.

But yeah, occhiblu, spill, please! I'd love some alternatives for London and Paris too.
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Sorry, work-related, feel weird posting it online. Feel free to email me.
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There is a beautiful beach and Sea Life Centre at St Andrews, beyond the seaside element there isn't a lot for kids. But the seaside element is great.

As for Paris, there are great suggestions here and here.

A trip to Deyrolle would be my own personal recommendation. Info.
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La Musee de la Mer at the Trocadero is great for kids. Lots of model ships.
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How adventurous are you feeling? About 20 minutes out of London on a fast train, and a great place for kids, are the Chislehurst Caves in Kent. Diamond Geezer has more.

Nobody's sure why or how they're there, but one suggestion is that it used to be a sacred Druidic site.
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The Grande Galérie de l'Evolution is pretty good for kids.
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