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How do I hide names in gmail?

I want to print out some emails (from gmail) for someone else to read, but I want one person's name and email address redacted. What's the most elegant way to do this without a black marker?

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actually, i'd like to replace the name and email with fake ones
posted by mpls2 at 4:05 PM on September 25, 2007

It may not be elegant, but I'd just cut and paste into a Word/text document, then delete or change as necessary.
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1. Click the Print icon on the right. This will give you a printable version on your screen.
2. Click 'Save As..' and save the HTML file.
3. Open and edit the HTML file to replace all occurrences of the name and email.
4. Re-open the HTML file in your browser and send it to the printer.
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forward the email to yourself and just edit out friend's Name and information.
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You could grab a screenshot, open it in Photoshop and edit out what you don't want seen, then print it as a graphic image rather than a text file.
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Use Wordpad to edit the HTML file, by the way (Open With->Wordpad) rather than the default editor, which will probably be Word. Word does Bad Things to HTML files.
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