Idetify this creepy bunny painting
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What is this painting? ...

My wife found it in a thrift store a few years ago and bought it because it was the "creepiest velvet painting ever". Upon seeing it I immediately got a sense of deja vu. It seems like a representative of some kind of 70's painting fad a la Keene, but extended Googling and eBay-searching for similar velvetness has turned up nothing.

I might have gone on thinking it was a one-off weirdness, but then I saw it in the background of this movie (qt movie, bunny clearly visible 30 seconds in). So it's definitely something - but what?
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Most velvet paintings are mass-produced, so the likelihood of seeing a particular one more than once is pretty high. This book might help, if you can find it.
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just wondering, did you try writing to the film guys?

(this is a tough one - seems like it would be easier to find something like that)
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