"Good blogs by female magicians?"
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Any female magicians/assistants here? Does anyone know of any web resources/blogs regarding women and professional magic?

Long story short, I've been enlisted to write an article about women and stage magic. My interviews with contacts (two magicians, one male and female) have left me with rather slim info. Specifically, I'm looking for research material regarding women's difficulties in being taken seriously in what seems to be an overwhelmingly male profession.

I know this is a bit vague, but any leads would be totally appreciated.
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Paul Dini's wife Misty is a professional assistant as well as magician in her own right. Here's her MySpace page and here's her main website.
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Lots of magic info of all kinds at The Magic Cafe Forums. You'll see some heavy hitters in the magic world posting there. One forum topic is The Feminine Mystique. No clue as to how good that particular discussion area will be for you, but I have found the forum as a whole to be very useful and entertaining. At the very least, perhaps you can directly contact some of the other participants there.
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Wow. Those are both amazing suggestions. Thanks!
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