This is a longshot, but does anyone know...
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I need statistics on Fresh Cut Produce consumption and/or production in the United States.

My wife is preparing some classes that she will teach in a Food Technology master (not in the US) and she is having problems finding these statistics. The PMA (Produce Marketing Association) seems to have this information but they require that you buy a membership to access it. Does anyone have a line on where such information could be found for free (the USDA and USDC have not been helpful)...?
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I don't know how to get you access, but here's some stats. Since I keep screwing up the coding, how about some pictures.

This is Fruit and Vegetable Markets in the US - Industry Report from Feb of this year. The starred figures are estimates. Constant Prices. Current Prices. Real Growth. Ratio Table. Graphs.

Perhaps if you can list specifically what you need, I can find the information you're looking for. Email in profile if it is easier that way.
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