Help me find an easy & cheap way to set up chat for my forum?
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I run a small, private forum for a few friends who are scattered across the US & Canada. I'm looking for easy ways to incorporate other ways for me to enable additional communication between members - whether it's a group voice chat or a chat room. I need help figuring out how to do this very easily (I was barely technical enough to install a pretty skin for my phpBB), very cheaply (preferably free), and so that it maintains a reasonable level of privacy. Can you help me figure this out?

Basically, a few of us who were longtime members of a very large weight loss forum decided to split off to maintain a more private & close-knit group. To enable this, I set up a phpBB that is hosted at Dreamhost (it was a one-click install), and made it so that only members I approved could view or post messages.

I'd really like to somehow add a private chat room (not all members use an instant messaging tool), and it doesn't have to be fancy, just functional & private.

I'd also possibly like to set up some sort of voice-chat thingy if such a thing exists and is easy enough to set up.

The main purpose for either of these is to have weekly "meetings" in real time.

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
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Best answer: Depending how many users you're talking about, Campfire could work well for you. The pricing is a little high though if you need more chatters than the free plan allows.

A quick google turns up Pibb, which looks like it might do what you want as well. It appears to be a sort of IM/Message board hybrid.

For voice chat, Skype lets you do conference calls.

You could also try out Ventrilo or Teamspeak, though both of those would require you to run a server.
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Response by poster: I love Pibb! I don't know why it didn't turn up for me, but it's perfect as a chat solution!
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You can rent ventrilo servers inexpensively -- try for example.
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QuickTopic has free, private message boards, and document collaboration.
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Response by poster: Oh, as far as Ventrilo goes, my husband runs a Ventrilo server, so I just have to see if he can set one up on my machine as well. I just asked him about it. I don't know why I didn't think of it.

Thanks for the additional suggestions!
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try phpmychat i use it. hasnt been updated in a while but works for me
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Flashchat integrates very well with phpbb. It is a little complicated to install but they have great instructions. I think it is $5.
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