Vacation ideas for February/March
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Any ideas for long (think 1-2 months), active (think skiing, hiking, etc.) vacations for February/March?

I'm looking for vacation ideas and am open to pretty much everything, so long as it's active! Any ideas/stories welcome ;)
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One word: Coloraaaaaaaaaado. The Breckenridge area has about five ski resorts (Breckenridge, Keystone, A-Basin, others) and I'm sure there's some amazing hiking to be done. There's also stuff like sleding, ice skating, snow-shoeing, etc.
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Thailand? Weather wise February is a good time to go, and they've got things like diving and hiking at affordable prices.
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this is the
best winter trip
i've ever heard of.
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I went to SE Asia and Nepal Feb/Mar of '01 and had a great trip. You can read about and see pictures of my adventures.

If you wanted to focus on just one thing, I'd check out some version of a trek like the one I did in Nepal. It was a pretty amazing experience. The hiking is pretty stunning, and was very challenging. Especially at high altitudes.

One part of my trip that I really appreciated was giving myself a vacation at the end of my vacation. I spent the last week on an island in Thailand and gave myself permission to lie in a hammock for hours on end and not feel guilty. It was a great way to let all I had done for the past several weeks to really sink in.

Good luck!
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Or Scandanavia
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New Zealand, beautiful, friendly, inexpensive, though probably not as cheap as SE Asia.
Great hiking, kayaking, rafting, bungee jumping.
I went twice by motorcycle/ camping and one by bicycle (VERY HILLY) and again, just spectacularly beautuful and friendliest people in the world. Easy to get around too.
You must go! (Thailand is very wonderful too, you could do a month in each and have a great experience...maybe 3 weeks Thailand and 5 in NZ)
Have fun.
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