Is anyone aware of facilities similar to AC Milan's Milan Lab?
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Is anyone aware of facilities similar to AC Milan's Milan Lab?

I'm doing a project on the effectiveness of sports rehabilitation-monitoring centres and I would like some other examples.

According to AC Milan, through their centre they have been able to reduce 80% of injuries and extend the playing life of veterans.

Here's a link.
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Bolton Wanderers, in the English Premiership set up similar facilities under Sam Allardyce (now at Newcastle, where hopefully he'll do something about the Toon's horrific injury record). Big Sam got years out of a number of players assumed to be well over the hill. In an interview on Sky Sports at the weekend he claimed that at Bolton players missed on average around (iirc) 2 games a season, compared to the league average of around 6, (Newcastle Utd players average around 8). This is particularly remarkable given that for years Bolton had the highest average age of any squad in the Premiership, as well.
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Does it have to be soccer? If not, you may want to check out Dr. James Andrews. He is more known for repairing injuries than for preventing them, but many people believe that a successful "Tommy John surgery" increases both pitching speed and career duration for a baseball pitcher.
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Response by poster: No. Can be any professional sport. Should have clarified that.
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