Asia travel ideas for 18 yr old karate lover?
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Can anyone recommend any martial arts learning opportunities (camps, workshops, lessons, etc) in Asia that an 18 year old would enjoy? My nephew in the US is a karate brown belt and he would like to travel to Asia when he graduates from high school this year. I am trying to help him find some interesting travel opportunities which relate to karate. He loves karate and has been searching for something to do in Japan or India for Summer 2008 but we haven't found anything yet. Thanks for any tips.
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Really vague, but the first time I went to Chang Mai, my mate was doing a Muay Thai camp thing there and he loved it.
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He should research the Bujinkan. Depending on where he lives now, he may be able to find some classes he can check out.
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Well, it's Judo, and not karate, but the Kodokan apparently offers a three month general course for beginners
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Best answer: I assume he's already checked with his karate teachers and whatever karate group they're part of. If he doesn't already speak Japanese, it might make things more difficult. If he's interested in learning, though, there are a number of summer language programs (here are a few). Look for one that includes "electives" such as karate. A few people have recommended the Yamasa Institute; their website includes a page about local karate opportunities. Googling karate homestay japan also resulted in a few programs such as Kobukan karate homestay.
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While it's not karate, something I always found interesting is that Kodo, the drumming group, has an island off Japan where they train people in the "martial art" of traditional drumming and drum making. You have to commit for a while, but it's not particularly expensive (mostly because I think you just wear those loincloths and eat out of gourds the entire time).
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. All these suggestions are helpful and I will look into each one. Anything to lure my nephew away from staring at World of the Warcraft game all day!
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