Where to garage a car near Manhattan for a few months at least?
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ManhattanParkingFilter: I am moving up to Manhattan and I need a garage to keep my car for at least a couple of months, while I decide what to do with it.

I don't actually need my car to be in Manhattan, but fairly close would be nice. I would need subway or PATH access to my car. I looked at garages in Hoboken, which I believe are around $300/month for a non-hoboken resident. I do not want to do the opposite-side street parking thing in Manhattan. (My schedule over the coming weeks or months might be unpredictable, so I'm willing to pay something to have my car in a safe location.) I also would like to avoid further vandalism to my car! Thanks!
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I read this joke about a guy who found a way to park in Manhattan for 15 bucks. Naturally I started wondering if it would actually work. Maybe it's not for you, but then again, would you be willing to give it a shot? ;)
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Response by poster: lou: we'll see! $15 is a great price.
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When I got my car, I went to a few garages in my neighborhood and got quotes. Then I called Icon Parking, since several of the garages nearby were run by them. The person I talked to in their office gave me pricing that was $100-150 a month lower than what the garage managers had quoted to me when I walked in.

You can also try NYC garages, which compares garage rates in different areas.

Do you have a limit for how much you're willing to pay?
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$300 is not a terrible rate, considering a lot of garages in Manhattan will charge you $400 and up. I am told that some of the apartment complexes in Jersey City area have reasonable rates, but this is something you have to explore on a one off/in person basis. They will not be so forthcoming with rates over the phone, but if you talk to the manager in person (particularly if you are not an overnight parker), you might be able to work something out.
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Response by poster: I think $300 is the most I'd be willing to pay. I'd obviously prefer something a bit cheaper though!
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Click on monthly, then by all manhattan, sorted by rate. 120! Wow if that turned out to be true that would be hot stuff.
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Response by poster: zackola: that site is great! thanks!
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Not subway or path, but you could park somewhere in Connecticut within walking distance of a Metro North station. There's lots of garage parking available in Stamford or Bridgeport, for example.
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Here is a link to parking spots in Manhattan from the real estate section of Craigslist.org, in the event that's helpful. I see some under $300, and there may be more in your price range in outer boroughs.

Disclaimer: I don't have a car in the city, and have never used this to find a spot. I just knew it as a resource out there and wanted to suggest you check it out.
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We use Pier 40 in SoHo. It's self park which I consider a feature. <$300 depending on if you keep your CC on file with them.
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