Address Correction on Speeding Ticket
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Who do I contact to have the address corrected on my recent speeding ticket?

I got a speeding ticket over the weekend on the DC Beltway in Prince George's County, Maryland. After driving away, however, I realized I neglected to give the officer my addendum card with my current address on it meaning the address on the ticket is 3 years old. (I don't know how it is in other states, but in Maryland, rather than paying for a completely new card when you have an address change, you can get an official piece of paper that has your new address on it)

My record is squeaky clean, so I plan to go to court in hopes of PBJ, but I don't want the court summons to be sent to the wrong address. I have no idea who to contact to get it corrected, though. The only phone number on the ticket is an automated system for finding out your court date. Can anyone help?
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Call the police department, see what they say. You have the ticket #, so they should be able to track it.
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