Best way to sell a car/transfer title?
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What is the quickest/best/safest way to complete an inter-state sale of an automobile that has outstanding debt on it?

I am selling a vehicle to someone out of state. The purchase price is agreed upon already, which is greater than the amount owed on it. Would it be better for me to settle the debt and then wait 14 days for the title to arrive and send it on? Or should the buyer settle the debt with the insurance co and ask that the title be sent directly? Can the buyer use the bill of sale as a temporary registration (and send me the plates later) so that he can drive it while he waits for the title to be sent? Or, is everyone just better off waiting the two weeks for the title to be sent?

Thanks for the help!
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Temporary registration laws depend a lot on where you are. Which state does the buyer live in?
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New Jersey.
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Based on info from the NJ DMV site, it doesn't look like you can use the bill of sale for temporary registration. I suppose you might be able to lend the buyer the car, if you're comfortable having them drive around on your insurance.

As to the other questions, the leaseholder could probably get you the most accurate answers.
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As a buyer, I wouldn't hand over any money if the owner doesn't have the title.

In that case, I do believe the buyer is supposed to pay the lienholder, not the seller.
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