Where are the best cinemas in Paris?
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Where are the best cinemas in Paris?

I'm spending a couple of days in Paris next week and want to go to see some of the cities best cinemas. I'm a fan of independent and arthouse movies, but I'm not so bothered about what film is on - I'm more interested in the cinema itself, the architecture, the facilites, the other people, the setting, the experience - something out of the ordinary, and hopefully, quintessentially Paris.

I speak a bit of French, so am not that bothered about whether the movies are in English. I'm not fluent, but I can usually get by reading a French newspaper or watching French TV. And, as I said, I'm more keen on having a good experience than seeing a great movie (though both is obviously a bonus!)
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Studio 28 in Montmarte. A very nice little cinema, French films only (at least when I visited.)

La Pagode is an interesting experience although I only visited, didn't see a film.

IMO the best place to see films in Paris is the Boulevard Montparnasse which has many cinemas of various sizes and shapes. The Gaumont Montparnasse would be my no.1, very nice atmosphere and crowd, although just a modern cinema and not all that interesting.
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Seconding La Pagode for the interesting architecture and generally good movie selection (no big American blockbusters). Supposedly this one is a favorite of French politicians and other bigwigs, too.

But for quintessential Paris, nothing beats the Cinématheque Française (www.cinematheque.fr). It is now in a new facility on the far east side of Paris, and has a museum as well.
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The Max Linder Panorama (www.maxlinder.com).
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On the other end of the spectrum, at the bottom of the barrel, taste the grime at Le Brady, if it's still open (not sure). It was owed by Jean-Pierre Mocky, a famous director. And there's another cinema on the same side of the boulevard (Magenta I think), even smaller, called the… Paris something, I went to see Mad Max 3 there once, there was a stinky homeless guy in the front row listening to France Info on a portable radio, and two other guys just sleeping there, enjoying the warmth of the room. But that was nearly 10 years ago, not sure if they still exist.

But otherwise, yeah, the Max Linder is good, and La Pagode charming (and very bourgeois).

Good luck.
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Response by poster: thanks for all the answers! i'll let you know how i got on when I get back from Paris
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Any chance of a report, ascullion? :)
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