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Is there a good simulator for playing the stock market with imaginary money?

I tried Yahoo Finance portfolio, but it requires you to go and look up the trading price (extra steps). Plus when you want to add something on the weekend, you have to wait until Monday morning when the markets open and see what the price is that you'd -really- be getting. Too much work!

So is there a place where I can dump some play money and pretend that I'm doing real selling & buying, with the system taking care of the legwork with the imaginary trades?
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Both OptionsXpress and Marketocracy offer(ed?) this.
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Direct links: OptionsXpress and Marketocracy
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Response by poster: Thanks, I'm trying out Marketocracy and it's about as slow as a nudist climbing a barbed-wire fence. I may give OptionsXpress a try.
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The Investopedia Simulator gives you $100,000 to play with.
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Go go Investopedia. We used that in Business class...
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Paddy Power Trader does a good simulated account for financial/US/UK/Irish market spread betting.
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I played with Hedgestop a while back.
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There is a new facebook application (no laughing please) that is called fantasy stock exchange and it is very well done. I wholeheartedly recommend it. On a side note... I have made 700,000 dollars in fantasy money which I will spend on fantasy things in fantasy stores. Good luck!
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fantasy stock exchange is not accepting new members, which sucks because I wanted to give it a shot.
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Motley Fool CAPS is worth a look. No imaginary money, just picking stocks to out- or under-perform the S+P 500.
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In my opinion, Think or Swim is a better suggestion.
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