Creating a GMail filter based on contacts
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GMailFilter: Is there any way to define a filter based on whether the sender is in your "Contacts" list?

I'd like to create a filter that would automatically "star" messages from senders that are in my "Contacts" list, but I can't find any way to use membership in that list as a search parameter. I'm guessing that if it's doable at all, it may have to be through a Greasemonkey or something like that. (I've got the Lifehacker "Better GMail" add-on already, which is awesome.)

Any thoughts?
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You could always create a manual version of it. Export your contacts to a text file, then do some text manipulation, and have a filter that says if from is "( OR OR OR ... )", star it. You'd have to manually update it, but it'd get your job done.
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Doesn't Gmail automatically add the contacts that send you email to the "contacts" anyways? So it really wouldn't do much, at least from my point of view. Sorry can't help you out, though.
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