Is there a Halo 3 master list of promotions/drawings?
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Is there any kind of master list of Halo 3 promotions?

There's the gamestop/mt.dew sweepstakes, the "unite" drawing.. is there some kind of long list of stuff I can enter for?

There's also a site listed on Xbox Live about Best Buy Gold Days, but the address they have listed comes up 404 (that)..
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I tried an FPP on Halo 3, but it was flagged as too fangirl-ish (rightly, I had way too many links and I really just wanted to write a post about an incredibly cool trailer, so the links took the focus off). But here's some links to contests:
Xbox Users Group: Halo 3 for 3
Market Halo Better contest
Fanswag Ultimate Halo 3 setup

Halo 3 Slurpee Sweeps
Halo 3 Contest

And try HERE for the latest on anything Halo related.
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You both get it =DD
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