I need a new university employee email address; what should it be?
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Yet another name thread. I want to change my university employee email address. What should it be? (More inside, just for fun.)

I now work at the university from which I recently graduated from. My current address is firstnamelastname@university.mail.edu--functional but boring and rather long for a primary email address. Since I now work in a tech department that encourages individualism and creativity, I want something a little more me. I also have to take into consideration the thousands of students that have already gone that route, so I need a few options. I'm leaning towards something grrl-power oriented (e.g., spinster@uni), something cultural (e.g., xilonen@uni), or something "quirky" (e.g., tacostand@uni). My friends are no help, so I need some outside opinions.
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No need to look any further: gravymuseum@university.mail.edu.
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How about the names of grrl-power oriented characters from favorite novels, movies, comic books, etc?
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Knowing about xilonen, how could you not choose girldecapitated@university.mail.edu? I know it's not short, but it's a goodie. Deathhug2000@university.mail.edu is a fun xilonen reference as well.

I also like a word or phrase from a favorite song or poem used as an email address.
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feel free to use pissfactory. also, I recommend using first name only... like frank@oregonstate.edu --- this always impresses non-technical people... like, oh... how did you get that?!?!?
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Will you be able to change it ever again? If you'll have to live with it, then firstnamelastinitial@uni.edu is nice, or just first@uni. From your blog, it looks like being Mexican is important, is there a name/nickname/variation that would emphasize that? TechMex@uni? Bigfoot?
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okay, but girl comic characters?

i always liked the name pepper potts.
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