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Looking for a job in Toronto. Specifically, it would be a job working with kids in some capacity, including social work, sports, education, whatever, but not a volunteer job, more of a career type job. Failing that, any kind of social work or advocacy would be good too. The question is, does anyone have experience looking (and hopefully finding) that sort of work? Regular job hunting sources have not been much use. Please help! And look inside!

This is a question asked on behalf of a friend who has a university degree in criminology, and experience coaching competitive kids baseball and running various kids programs over the years. He's finding it tough to know where to look now that he's settled in Toronto. Does anyone have any tips? Are there country wide or continent wide agencies that anyone knows about or has had experience with? Does this question need to be more specific? Thanks in advance, of course!
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Dunno if they have jobs in the kid field but here's a web site for jobs with the government of Ontario. New jobs added daily.
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