Which case, just in case?
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iPhone cases. Yes, they've been discussed many times, and in lots of different places, but I have some special needs and specific questions.

Yesterday my superfantasticamazingwonderful boyfriend gave me an iPhone for my birthday. I'm in love with it but I fear for its safety, as I'm a terrible klutz with phones. I'm looking for something to help extend its life. I need a good, rugged case that won't slip from my butterfingers.

I think that I've narrowed my selections down to the iSkin Revo and the Speck ToughSkin. I haven't found many reviews for the iSkin but those that I've found have all been favorable. The same is true for the ToughSkin except users don't seem to like that it attracts dust and has a flimsy belt clip.

Which case is the better case? Also, should I consider using an InvisibleSHIELD, or would that be overkill?

Any additional recommendations are appreciated. As I'm vegan, no leather please, and I don't need a belt clip. I'd like a case that will allow for full use without any opening, unfolding, or the like (no booklets or pouches). Extra points for something stylish, but it's not a requirement. Money is no issue.

Thanks, all.
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I have the earliest Speck skin for the iPhone. It has become all loose and flabby like an ill-fitting lycra bathing suit. I've started looking for a replacement. The Toughskin looks a little better, but it still looks like it could have problems with loosening, and I don't want the added bulk in my pocket.

I never use the belt clip. In fact, I detached it from the clip-on plastic plate with the intention of just using the plastic as a screen protector. I use it sometimes, but usually I just slip it into a meta-free pocket with the screen against my body.

I looked at the iSkin Revo. Can't say quite why, but my impression is that it would stay snugger than the Speck, but it also ads bulk.

I haven't seen any need for a plastic film screen protector. It's glass, and isn't going to scratch unless you have grit or hard metal gouging against it. I'm more worried about pressure or a blow cracking it, and a thin plastic film isn't going to help with that.

Not sure what I'm going to end up getting. I like being able to pull my phone out of my pocket and use it without any other hassle, and I like the added grip provided by the rubber cases, but I'm not eager to find that another one goes slack. I'm seriously considering some sort of sleeve.
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You definitely want a screen protector. I know the ones sold at Apple Stores (I forget the specific brand) are horribly overpriced, but I paid for 'em anyway.

I also have the Speck ToughSkin. It's Batman-esque looks kind of kills the iPhone's sleek and sexy lines, but it's tough, and that's what I wanted. The belt clip is also kind of silly (the whole phone-and-case thumps into two prongs and a ledge). But my iPhone spends as much time in a pocket or bag as it does in that thing, anyway.

Even though I waited in line and paid the Stupid Tax on June 29, I'm also a careless clutz. I have dropped my iPhone many more times than I should have, a couple of times from much higher than three or four feet. I credit the ToughSkin for saving it every time.
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The most recent Mac Break Weekly podcast discusses this and makes a recommendation. Might be worth checking out.
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I have an inCase Protective Cover. It's much like the ones you linked, a rubber shell around the sides and back. The good things are it feels pretty robust and it keeps the phone from slipping out of your hands. The bad things are it's ugly and it's too thick. No screen protection, you may want a thin plastic film for it.

I bought an InvisibleShield and threw it away after a few minutes. I didn't like that you're gluing a piece of plastic to the phone.
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Nelson - InvisibleShield products don't leave any residue behind.
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I got my girlfriend an iPhone and she ordered BodyGuardz (full unit plastic protector). One order comes with 2.

I'm normally skeptical of plastic screen protectors because of screen clarity/consistency and bubbles, but I was extremely surprised. You seriously cannot tell it is on the phone, and as a bonus it adds more of a grippy feel.

Instead of the normal "be very careful you only get once chance", you spray solution on then apply it, it is repositionable. No bubbles.
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Get the invisashield, put it over the glass and forget about the rest. I had a cover for about three weeks and noticed that the cover, in conjunction with the dirt collected underneath, was doing more harm to the finish of the phone than I was. I took the thing off about two weeks ago and I pay more attention to being careful with the phone. Besides, from what I have read here and other places, the phone is pretty damn tough.
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You definitely want a screen protector.

I don't think this is true at all. The screen is made out of glass. Glass is hard. There are videos of people scratching at the screen with a microtech knife and the ipod coming out A-OK. (In fact, here is that video.)
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