Can an alligator walk up steps?
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Can alligators/ crocodiles walk up steps?

Help me win a bet. I need conclusive proof that a crocodile and/or an alligator can walk up steps. They must be human-constructed steps. A link to a video would be ideal. Testimony from a zoo keeper would also likely suffice. Who are the reptile experts out there?
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Here's an alligator climbing onto a barrel or something. Alligators do not appear to suffer the same limitations as Daleks.
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Dude, have you seen the Daleks these past few years? Stairs are most certainly not an issue for them. Back on topic, I am a Florida resident and I have seen gators climb up steps with my own eyes. I'm not a zoo keeper, but I do encounter gators on occasion.
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Well, here's a video of an alligator climbing down steps-- that Lubriderm commercial from about ten years ago. Does that count?
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Sure they can. When a big tough gator puts its mind to going somewhere, all lesser creatures (like humans) had best get out of the way.

Stairs are easier for gators than hauling themselves up a wall, like the video oaf posted. They don't have forearm strength like monkeys do, and the rear assembly plus tail weigh quite a bit.

Most of the ones I've seen in the wild - I'm Floridian too - tend to hang out in the shallows, sun themselves on banks, or drift in the water. But they can move with a quickness when they want to, and they're quite strong.
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Thanks, y'all. The climbing onto a crate video clinched it for me. My friend who doesn't eat beef had to take a bite of my Blimpy Burger.
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Not only can they climb up steps, they can also get you in your bed *even when the covers are over your head.*
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