Exercise in the Winter in the Windy City.
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[ChicagoFilter] Any suggestions for group winter workouts/sports? I have absolutely no motivation to work out alone and I'm trying to avoid joining a gym this winter. (I bike to work in the summer.) I'd like some structured workouts and/or activities to both meet people and get the heart rate up. Any suggestions?
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Yup. Cross country skiing. I have gone in Western Michigan and it is wonderful. I have to guess the skiing would be good on the other side of the Lake, too. Check the golf courses around the city -- people frequently Xcountry skii on golf courses.
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My pal Pat does indoor soccer all winter. I'll ask him where, but he really enjoys it.
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Snowshoeing! And if you can round up enough people, snowshoe tag/ultimate frisbee/red rover/etc. It's a great workout, and tripping over your own giant feet in the snow while you try to compete in a typical summer sport is pretty hilarious.

Here in MN we also play a lot of broomball. There are official leagues as well as pickup games if you can find the right park. It's great fun.
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Consider biking through the winter? Chicago Bike Winter organizes rides through the colder months. I didn't find anything yet about the Frozen Snot Century this year, but that doesn't mean you couldn't do your own.
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Go curling in Evanston. There may be other places, but the curling club in Evanston is awesome. And you will raise your heart rate, no doubt.
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How about Martial Arts? There are some good Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Tohkon Judo. Cohen's Judo Club. New Breed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Jeff Curran.
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